Animat3D - A Lightweight 3D Web Engine

First public Preview of the reworked 3D Web Engine "Animat3D" released!

My new, reworked 3D Web Engine, Animat3D, is ready for a live preview!

Animat3D is a web engine based on Three.JS and used to display and interact with 3D models on websites.

The Animat3D Engine uses glTF 2.0 objects, what grants the benefit of embedded animations and textures.
Together with a custom shader and the 3D Models, it is capable to show a stunning and interactive world on a website.

I made a small public preview* ready, which can be inspected and interacted with here:
~Animat3d Web Client

There is also a Promo-Code ready! Use the following code and add it in your user profile:

*Attention! I recommend visiting the Preview only with enough graphical resources!

Valky Fischer11.01.2022