The Native Rituals

In keeping with the christmas season, a small look back at the ancient rituals of the Valkyries.

In the saga of the Valkyries, they are required to maintain the sacred balance of the tri-force. It is the saga about the ultimate source of power. It serves as a balance that weighs three forces: Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

All of the Valkyrie rituals can only be done around the presence of nature. They make sure to always maintain a balance in nature in all of their areas, so that their powers can be used almost everywhere. Since the Valkyries are required to come together to perform their rituals, this prayer is vital to them.

In a place better known as Valhalla, a land of the time-worn conundrum, where countless feet have hiked on the dust of relic civilizations. Many empires have called Valhalla a home but today, the mythical land is only part of divine history.

With this in mind, we perform our ritual:
We come together on christmas eve and wish you all wonderful holidays!

Valky Fischer24.12.2021