Tera Europe goes 64 bit!

Watch out, the next major TERA Update is coming: The upgrade to 64-bit, which will greatly improve the stability of the game client!

New System Requirements
With the upgrade to the 64-bit client, the requirements for your system will change. Players with older versions of windows on 32-bit will therefore no longer be able to start Tera.

Update Procedure
If you already participated in the test with the old 32-bit client, we recommend to remove the complete Tera folder under "VALKYTEQTera" to avoid complications. The reason for this is that we use a completely new client, which in reverse means: an internal update can lead to unwanted errors!

Instance Group Search
With the upgrade to 64 bit, we also improved the group search. The status of the group search per instance and class type is now displayed. So in the future you can see more easily if tanks, healers or damage dealers are currently needed in an instance and which dungeon is currently in high demand.

Client Start Problems
If you have problems updating or starting the game after the update, please do the following:
- Try to repair the game using the "Check files" function in the VALKYTEQ launcher.
- Remove the complete tera folder under "VALKYTEQtera".
- Remove the "data" folder inside the launcher under "VALKYTEQlauncherdata".
- Try again, after removing the folders

Sound Problems
If you have sound problems after the update, please reinstall Direct X.