How do i setup Animat3D ?

1 - Launcher

Open your Toolbox (top right user menu). On the right menu, download and install the VALKYTEQ Launcher. After the installation, log in and download the Animat3D Client files.


2 - Twitch Setup

Open your Toolbox (top right user menu). On the right menu, choose the Animat3D Settings and open the Twitch Connection part. Enter your Twitch Channel and your desired command prefix, click on Save.

Twitch Setup

3 - Client

Start and log in to the Animat3D Client after the download and installation is done. Once logged in, you are in the main menu with optional settings, such as different anti aliasing methods.

Client Menu

4 - Editor

Start the Character Editor to create your own character. You can choose between different Horns, Faces, Hairstyles and over 100 costumes. Don't forget to save your character :)

Client Editor

5 - Control

Start the Character Control to allow your Twitch Chat take control over your previously created character! All they have to do is writing a command in your chat, example: "!a3d greet"

Client Control

6 - Stream

With a simple chroma-key filter in a streaming software like OBS, you can now bring your character live on stream with a transparent background. Like you would with a webcam and greenscreen.

Twitch Control